Bio-Bike is a concentrated & biodegradable bike cleaner. The concentrate can be diluted to 1:25 and still produce a heavy-duty cleaning solution. It is water based and does not contain any organic solvents.

Bio-Bike 500ml - Ready To Use

Bike cleaner in a medium concentration with special foaming nozzle that produces a thick lather spray. Can be used on any suface of the bike.
Bio-Bike 500ml - Ready To Use
Bio-Bike 500ml - Concentrate

Bike cleaner in a concentrated form that can be diluted up to 1:25. Can be used to refill spray bottle. Ideal to use in stronger dilution for chain cleaning before using Squirt Lube.
Bio-Bike 500ml - Concentrate
Bio-Bike 60ml - Concentrate

Concentrated bike cleaner in 60ml bottle ideal for race-packs and giveaways. Can also be used to refill spray bottle.
Bio-Bike 60ml - Concentrate
Bio-Bike 5L - Concentrate

The 5L concentrate is more economical and for workshops and sponsorships on big events, especially for events with bike-wash areas.
Bio-Bike 5L - Concentrate

Squirt Physical properties
• This lubricant is not flammable.

• It has an off white colour with a very mild odour.

• Store between 5°C and 35°C.

• Thermal decomposition will only take place at approx.100°C.

• On skin contact, remove with warm water and soap. (Not readily absorbed through the skin)
NEW Squirt Barrier Balm
Our Newest Product!
Barrier Balm is a long lasting application that protects skin by forming an invisible microfilm on skin that protects against chafing and irritations. It is water and sweat resistant with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that also helps prevent fissures.
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