Reviews from The Professionals

Ned Overend
Ned Overend is one of the pioneers of mountain biking in the early 80's and is a legend in the sport. "The best lube that I have used"

Mike Kloser
Famous mountain biker and adventure racer: "Squirt gives you amazing results; it doesn`t collect all the dust and dirt like conventional petroleum based lubes. This stuff really works!"

Travis Brown
Professional bicycle racer and TREK head of testing: "I have long been a fan of wax based lubricants for their cleanliness and resistance to attracting dirt but was disappointed with durability. Squirt stays clean and is also the most durable lube I have used."

Conrad Stoltz (AKA) The Caveman
Multiple Xterra world champion: "Squirt is the best lube I've used. It does the job - stays on and stays clean"

Dan Hugo
Too little mention for this too valuable ingredient. Couldnt bake a happy cake without it. Squirt Lube is like salt, hardly considered till you have none.

Squirt Physical properties
• This lubricant is not flammable.

• It has an off white colour with a very mild odour.

• Store between 5°C and 35°C.

• Thermal decomposition will only take place at approx.100°C.

• On skin contact, remove with warm water and soap. (Not readily absorbed through the skin)
NEW Squirt Barrier Balm
Our Newest Product!
Barrier Balm is a long lasting application that protects skin by forming an invisible microfilm on skin that protects against chafing and irritations. It is water and sweat resistant with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that also helps prevent fissures.
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